Reality of Coffee

Coffee the natural energy drink for some of us, it is a must-have beverage in the morning. Coffee acts as a “tool” that provides energy to our body! But then again the question is how many of us know about the healing power of coffee or the benefits that we get from our dear morning energy drink, coffee? Well, its about time you know. So why wait? Let’s go! Before we begin, let’s have a look at the stats and some amazing facts, about consumption of coffee. According to the survey, the average consumption of coffee per person in the USA is 3 cups a day and 2,250,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed worldwide daily.  


According to a survey done by BBC News, having 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of having cancer and liver disease isn’t it amazing? And not only this, it also reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes by 9% so how do that sound?

There was a study done by the researchers of Korea which state that if you drink up to 5 cups of coffee daily you are less likely to have the heart disease so you can almost say goodbye to heart disease by drinking something that you love! Another study shows that people who drink coffee have less chance of dying at the premature age, from the diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

Basically, coffee increases your lifespan as it reduces a lot of dying risks! Black coffee might not be having that good taste but it prevents your tooth from getting into the relationship with cavities. If you are a gym going person and do a lot of workouts, coffee will help you out by overcoming the muscle pain up to almost 50% caused by intense workout so say hi to beefy muscles. And if we talk about the mental health, coffee drinkers reduce the chance of having depression which in today’s world is a major problem by 20%. 20 to 40 grams of fiber intake is a must for every person and coffee helps you by contributing 2 grams per cup.

Coffee also helps in losing weight. So if you want to lose weight, coffee will be your partner in crime! So ladies how do that sound? By now we all know that coffee helps us in reducing a lot of health risks to an extent but it does not mean that we can replace medicines with coffee or can take medicines along with it. Taking medicines with the coffee can cause a lot of side effects like increase in the heartbeat, headache, insomnia etc So be careful if you are a coffee lover and on medication.  Never take medicines along with coffee! DAILY DOSE OF COFFEE!

Well, there is a saying that “excess of everything is bad” and this saying is not bad at all! Having 3 to 4 cups of coffee is okay but when you cross the limit of 4, you can fall in big trouble so having a habit of drinking is okay but don’t make it an addiction. Drinking coffee increase the acid level which on the other hand is a good thing as it helps in digestion keeping your belly happy. But when you drink a lot of coffee cups, it displeases your belly lining and will result in causing heartburn and I am sure we won’t want that. Not only this, drinking too much coffee can lead you through the doors of the god of death! Yes, drinking too much coffee can kill you! So love coffee but DO NOT MAKE IT AN ADDICTION!! 



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