Keurig K500 Coffee Maker

One of the best ways to wake somebody up in the morning  is a warm and nice cup full of coffee or if you ever organize a party and in the end, you want to ask your guests to leave without using any words you can get them a nice cup of coffee, it works as a nice signal. This world is full of problems and out of those problems one is single cup brewers, brewing through single cup brewers for as many as Five guests can feel like mental torture. To solve this problem Keurig 2.0 k500 was designed, talking about the design it looks a lot like a platinum plus but it is not exactly like platinum  plus as it has a touchscreen  of 2.75 inches 

K500 is made up of a gray and black color of plastic and the reservoir which can store about 80 (eighty) ounce of water is removable and the lid comes with a flip top and even the drip aka water tray is also removable. 

Using k500 is similar to the other Keurig coffee brewers for example if you are using k-cups then what you need to do is let the brewer know how many ounces you need to brew and for this all you need to do is select for selecting the number of ounces you need to press the button, the control is in your hand you get to decide if your coffee is going to be strong or light 

This brewer actually claims that it can recognize which k-cup you have inserted and then it works according to the k-cup, this feature gives the limelight to the Keurig. keurig k-500 is a step towards evolution as it comes with a feature through which you can actually brew a pot full of coffee that too at just a touch. this model comes with an innovative and convenient Keurig cups. 



  1. one of the biggest reservoir
  2. offers various cup size
  3. offers k-carafe
  4. touch control
  5. can automatically shut down
  6. reusable filters
  7. does not make noise

sadly k500 does not offer water filters you can buy them but they won’t come with the machine although the need of these filters depends on the type of water you get at your place. this machine does not offer water filter to you but offers four cup and two carafe pods and it even comes with some accessories for cleaning like a needle, it comes with a needle so that you can clean your machine this point proves that the machines need cleaning that too on a regular base as if one does not clean his or her machine then the machines do not last but when one does they last for more than their lifespan and this point straightforwardly points that cleaning can increase the lifespan of the brewer. 


like all other brewers this brewer too has it’s own pros and cons, it does not come with a water filter and on the other hand, it offers various cup sizes. 

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