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    Straight Razor

    In this article, we are going to talk about 5 best straight razors in the market and about the art of shaving with a cutthroat. 

    The oldest type of razor is back in demand! Discovered in 1680, straight razors are more than 300 years old and these razors are still in use, worldwide. From past few years, these razors are mostly used by barbers only. But nowadays demand for straight razors is on hype. If you are also planning to purchase a straight razor, well, we are here to help you select one.  


    When there are choices in front of us, it is difficult for us to choose one. If you are liking choice 1, choice 2 will come up with a different feature that choice 1 might not be having. This happens a lot with many people. To save you from this confusion, we are bringing you five of the top-class straight razors that you can choose between easily according to your requirement.    


    • DovoForestalStraight Razor 

    In terms of quality, Dovo is the best manufacturer. And Forestal Straight Razor has proved why Dovo is considered as best in the world! Because of its carbon steel body, its durability is unquestionable. 


    • BokerStraight Razor  

    Produced in Germany, Boker introduced this razor to the market last year. No compromises have been done while taking care of its quality. This razor’s shape is so different and unique that it has given a nickname i.e, “king cutter”. 


    • DovoShavetteStraight Razor 

    Well, we are back with another Dovo razor. This razor is very cheap and affordable and also it is very easy to use. This razor is a treat for your shave! 


    • Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Razor

    You should go for this razor if you are looking for a versatile razor at an affordable price.  


    • Equinox Straight Edge Razor

    This razor can never become the victim of rust because it is made up of stainless steel. 


    For starting, you can choose one straight razor from the above-mentioned razors. 



    Using a straight razor is not a difficult task, it is very easy to use a straight razor. Learning about the grip is all you need to learn. Also, your dominant hand should be the one holding the razor. Place your thumb underside of the shank and your ring, middle and index fingers on the opposite side of it. Use your other hand to stretch the skin tightly. Now smoothly run the razor on your face and enjoy your shave with your first straight razor. 




    All the straight razors mentioned in this article are one of the best now it depends on you, your skin type, your budget. Think and then buy one as not each one of these is for you and straight razors are investments so make one smartly and do not forget to tell us about your experience with the straight razors, learning the art of shaving with a barber’s razor takes time so be patient