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    Best Straight Razor

    Straight razors were introduced to the world in 1680 and since then, it is preferred by many people until today. Straight razors come in many types and the question that arises is that which one is the best. Well, here are we with the answer to your question! 


    For most of the men, shaving is a daily task or we can say daily routine of their life. Although, there are some men who love being creative and enjoy playing with their beard. These are the men who made the return of old-fashioned straight razor possible!  

    Straight razors are good for you if you want your beard to be the way you want, but shaving with these razors requires a lot of discipline, time and patience. People who are always in a hurry, straight razors are not for them. Before spending too much money to buy a perfect and the best straight razor, make sure that you are ready for what it takes to use a straight razor. 


    According to you, what can be the cost of a blade attached to a steel body!? Well if you are a person who believes in quality, then a good quality straight razor will cost you some $100 bucks. The price will increase as the quality increases.  


    Learning to use a straight razor is not a difficult task but choosing one on the basis of quality sure is. Short temper blades are easy to sharpen whereas hard temper blades will keep their edge for long.  

    Another important thing that you want to take care of while purchasing a straight razor is its grind. For the beginners, it is an advice to purchase a less hollow blade because purchasing a full hollow blade can turn out to be dangerous for you.  


    While purchasing a straight razor, it is important to have knowledge about its width, balance, point and what material is it made of.  

    (i) Width – If you want your razor to hold a good amount of leather, you should prefer a wider blade. Although, wider blades are hard to handle. On the other hand, if you want your blade to reach spots like behind the ears and under the nose, you should prefer buying a narrow blade razor. 

    (ii) Point – If you are looking for a blade that you can manage simply and easily, you should buy the round point blade but if you are looking for a blade that can give you accurate shaving result, you should buy a square point blade. But keep in mind that square point blade is hard to handle.  

    (iii) Balance – Checking the balance is not a difficult task. Just see if the handle is comfortable or not and it is providing a good grip. 

    (iv) Material – The last thing that you need to check is the material. Most of the razors are made up of stainless steel which is good to purchase but if you are looking something more advanced, you should prefer buying carbon steel body razors. 

    Now when you know everything, you are good to purchase one for yourself! 

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    Shaving With Sensitive Skin Important Point

    Nowadays when it comes to men’s grooming there are a number of things which are counted in, but having a beard or clean shave are the two factors which are on trending list these days every third guy is growing beard and many guys are just going for a clean shave look. Most of the celebrities have also adopted this like many global stars are having a beard and many are clean shaved.  It seems like there is a war on between these two styles of men’s grooming but the point does beard suits every skin? and same for the clean shave, does shaving suits on your skin?

    Well, the answer is a big NO everyone has a different tone of skin that’s why it’s not a case that if your friend is shaving and it suits on him it will suits on you as well. Maybe your skin is kind of sensitive.  


    • Pores are open to having shave – When you shave your face the pores are fully open and there are a lot of chances that any dust particles or any pollutant  may easily enter in your skin through those open pores and block your pores, these pores produce a kind of serum their work is to keep our skin nourished but when they are Blocked then the serum gets collected which is  harmful to your skin and in case your skin issenstive then there is a lot of chance that you are going to get an infection or   you may get acne on all over your face. In order to avoid these risk, you must apply aftershave or you must wash your face with cold water after having a shave that closes the poses up-to 

    the required level which protects your skin.  

    • Dry skin – well having a dry skin tone is not only a problem limited to people with sensitive skin  it’s a kind of problem which most of us faces but in case you have sensitive skin it increases the tendency of dry skin as soon as you shave your face along with hairs that also take out the required oil for your skin. In order to avoid this, you must apply some kind of oil on your face before am going for a shave or just apply some kind of nourishing cream on your face after a shave  
    • May cause Eczema – shaving a sensitive skin may cause a serious problem like eczema, first of all, we need to understand  we have to take care of our skin as eczema causes due to dryness in skin and sensitive skin is a good platform for a thing like eczema sensitive skin allow this rash to grow which is harmful to your face . So at first all you need to do is eat good food which internally nourishes your skin. 
    • Applying razor does not grow a beard – Its a myth that if you  apply razor on that part of skin where there is no hair growth then there hair can grow, growing beard is a whole different biological process  
    • Cuts on the face – when you have a sensitive skin you may end up with cutting your skin when you push your razor up because you have a sensitive skin a small push may damage your skin, start shaving with the grain and not against the grain that will do the job for you. 
    • The razor – When its come to shaving sensitive skin you need to be very careful while deciding the razor you are going to use because a bad quality razor may make the quality of your skin bad so you must go for a good quality razor.