• Coffee

    Ice – Coffee Cost Four Dollars

    Ice – coffee during summer is as essential as sunscreen, one definitely can’t drink hot coffee during summer, ice coffee makes you feel fresh and cool 

    Buying ice coffee can cost you up to 4 dollars whereas making it on your own won’t. when you have your own brewer you can make a lot of cups full of iced coffee and it would still not cost you Four dollars. 


    • one Keurig cup 
    • ice 
    • milk ( preferably evaporated one ) 
    • sugar ( according to your taste ) 


    1. The first step is really simple all you need to do is turn your coffee brewer on and the rest which is heating the water would be done automatically.
    2. The second thing which you need to do is also as easy as turning the on the button, you need to take a glass out, the glass needs to be big and after taking it out add ice in it.
    3. Now is the best part all you need to do is wait, meanwhile, you can select the k-cup flavor you are going to use. when the brewer is ready the word “open” would flash on the screen when it does you need to place your favorite k-cup into it. after it selects the size of the cup I would suggest the iced-coffee one, after selecting the size you need to press the brew button after which the brewing would start.
    4. when the coffee would be ready it would start dripping once all the coffee is dripped into your glass you are supposed to transfer your glass to the shelf of your kitchen and after transferring it you need to add sugar according to the way you like and cream

    Tip- if you want world’s best coffee then next time before making it freeze some coffee cubes for your self and use them in place of normal ice-cubes.  

    When it comes to single-cup brewers Keurig has the best options and talking about the k-cup, some people do not like the flavors and different choices when it comes to flavors for them I have a happy news they can use their own, their favorite coffee  as the brewer has a reusable filter which means you can fill it on your own with your own coffee 

    Keurig is all about conveniences, the Keurig manufactures have taken care of all the factors and this reusable filter feature is one of the best as there are people like me who get very choosy when it comes to their cup of coffee, for me coffee is not just a beverage it is more like it I survive on it, it makes feel fresh and I can’t imagine waking up without a cup of coffee and this world is full of people like me and Keurig has made it easy as it brews like magic with three to four minutes and not to forget it makes the best coffee as it uses the optimal level of heating, not less not more just perfect.